Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why choose the Woodwright Company?
    The Woodwright Co., located in Elm City, NC, has been in the business of handcrafting lamp posts for over 25 years. Our wood posts are made out of Alaskan Yellow Cedar timbers known for its durability and ability to withstand rot. Alaskan Yellow Cedar was prized by the Indians of the Northwest Coast for their famous totem poles. Our lamp post will be a prized addition to your house lasting for years.
  2. How are the posts constructed?
    Our wood posts come with a center channel for your wire chase and a top that is three inches round in diameter and three inches in length to fit an industry standard light fixture.

    Also featured on all our wood poles is our unique PVC pipe mount system. This design enables your wood post to last indefinitely as long as the wood does not contact the ground. This is a process of turning a six inch round stem on the bottom of the post and attaching the twenty four inch section of PVC pipe onto the stem. This is then secured with six stainless steel screws.
  3. How is it installed?
    The post will need to be installed using 40 to 80 pounds of a concrete mix. lnstall the post and allow two inches of the PVC exposed above your finished grade. This system along without the wood coming in contact with the ground is the key to keeping your lamp post for years to come.
  4. Does the Woodwright Co. carry synthetic posts?
    Yes, our synthetic posts are made of cellular PVC and will not rot, crack, warp, or twist. We offer several styles.
  5. What are the dimensions of the posts?
    Our wood posts come in three different thicknesses. We offer a 4"x4", a 5"x5", or a 6"x6" timber. The actual size will be a half inch smaller at the square. We offer our posts in two standard lengths, 8' and 10'. Each comes with the 24 inch PVC pipe attached. The 8' will stand 6' above ground and the 10' will stand 7 ½' above ground.

    The synthetic posts will come 6' and 7 ½' above ground when installed but model WC-108 stands 7' above ground when installed.
  6. What kind of finish for the posts?
    Our wood posts come sanded ready to stain, paint, or let weather naturally. We send instructions on how to paint your cedar post. The synthetic posts come ready to paint.
  7. What is our mission?
    Our mission at the Woodwright Company is to make a quality lamp post that can be enjoyed by our customers for years to come. It is our passion to not only make a quality product, but to provide excellent customer service. We value your business and enjoy making it a good experience for you to purchase a Woodwright lamp post for your landscape. We are proud to craft a product in America.

    When calling it will be very helpful if you have some of the information readily available:
    • Where the post is going in your landscape design
    • If you have a light fixture, what are the dimensions height-width-depth
    • Style of your home
    • Slope of your landscape